About the Movement Lab
Movement Lab LogoThe NYU Movement Lab is a motion capture studio and research group dedicated to the analysis and animation of all forms of human movement.  It is housed at NYU's ITP Tisch School of the Arts, and Courant Institute's VLG. Many projects are at the boundary between computer science, dance, performance art, animation, medical research, and other uses of motion capture technology.  It is mainly funded by grants from NYU, the National Science Foundation, ONR, and Sloan Foundation.

The Movement Lab on Innovation Nation

Squidball 4 @ New York Tech Meetup

GreenDot Clusters Step 3

Capturing Motion to Improve Health, Athletic Performance

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Current Projects

GreenDot Laban Capture
crowd2cloud / squidball Nonrigid Motion Acquisition and Modeling
Sports Viz Facial Expressions
Crowdsourcing & Hip Hop DotShow

Past Projects

Project Mariposa Cartoon Retargeting
SIGGRAPH Electronic Theater Video Rewrite
Motion Texture Digital Muybridge

Affiliated Projects/ Partner Labs

TRUST: Smartlabcentre MAMOCA
The Kitchen Integrated Movement Studies
Manhattan Mocap Puppet Capture: imnotlost


GreenDot Project Members

Alan Gilbert
Conductor & Music Director, New York Philharmonic

Juilliard Ensemble

Alex Shiozaki, Violin
Hubert Tanguay-Labrosse, Clarinet
R. Conrad Cornelison, Bassoon
Caleb Hudson, Trumpet
Joseph Peterson, Trombone
Alex Jenkins, Double Bass
Mike Truesdell, Percussion

New York University

Chris Bregler, Director, NYU Movement Lab
George Williams, Motion Capture Producer
Peter Birdsall, Graphics and Visual Effects Producer
Leo Martinez, Fashion Technology Director
Ian Spiro, Research Scientist
Mayank Rana, Research Scientist
Jessalyn Sbaratta, Motion Capture Post Production

New York Times

Daniel J. Wakin, Culture Reporter
Steve Duenes, Graphics Director
Andrew DeVigal, Multimedia Editor
Xaquín G.V., Graphics Editor
Graham Roberts, Graphics Editor

Juilliard School

Joanna Trebelhorn, Orchestral and Ensemble Operations
Janet Kessin, Director of Communications

Video Documentation

David Waters, DP Lincoln Center, Editor, Video Producer