Olympics 2012 Swimming and Diving

The grand finale on the penultimate day of the London Olympics was a surprise event in the 10m men's diving competition, when the US team took Gold for the first time since the 90s with diver Boudia.  Earlier this week, similar surprise events happened in the women's 3m spring board and the men's 10m synchronized platform diving as well as women's swim competition: the US women and men took home a record number of medals. We have motion captured three of the US medalists' (Dana Vollmer, 3-times Gold, Abby Johnston Silver, and Nick McCrory Bronce) signature dives and swim styles and analyzed their summersaults, butterfly and dolphin kicks in previously unseen angles.  We deployed our motion capture system to record Dana's, Abby's and Nick's training sessions at UC Berkeley and Duke University to 3D reconstruct their signature performances.  See the videos below that show behind the scenes footage of our work with the New York Times.




We are proud to present our new analysis of U.S. Olympic swimmer Dana Vollmer, who won triple Gold in London including breaking two world records.  We deployed our original underwater motion capture system, AquaCap (TM), to 3D reconstruct Vollmer's signature butterfly stroke.  See the links below for the latest demonstrations of our analysis in a project for the New York Times. 

Dana Vollmer's Behind the Scenes Video:


New York Times Feature:

New York Times Article

View the New York Times Article



What got Dana Vollmer the gold medal and the world record in 100 meter Butterfly in London was her turn after 50 meters – she hit the wall in third but emerged from her 15-meter underwater dolphin kick section in the lead. Then she cruised to the final wall and won by almost a second. Following video shows her famous underwater dolphin kick and various speed readings using our new motion capture techniques.


New York Times Article

View the New York Times Article on Diving





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ManhattanMocap & NYU Movement Lab Crew:
Chris Bregler, Producer
Peter Birdsall, VFX-Producer
George Williams, Motion Capture Producer
Ian Spiro, Research Scientist
Leo Martinez, Fashion Technology Director
Mayank Rana, Research Scientist
Matt Cornelius, VFX Artist, Technical Director
Jessalyn Sbaratta, Motion Capture and Roto Director
Raimondo Previdi, Motion Capture and Roto Director
Andrew Buckland, Research Scientist, Diver, 3D Printer

NY Times Crew:
Bedel Saget, Sports Graphics Editor

Jow Ward, Sports Graphics Editor

Xaquín G.V, Graphics Editor

Graham Roberts, Graphics Editor

Video Documentation:
David Waters, Video Producer/Editor

Hao Li, Graphics Director
Seng Chen, DP Berkeley
Karen Gehres, DP New York City

Stunt Doubles
Chris Johnston,  YMCA / Carnegie Pool tests
Victoria Niemeyer,  10 m platform diving, Duke

Greg Borenstein,  3 m springboard

"Mo" Dummy,  10 m dry diving, NYU Coles


Makeup Pit Crew for Dana
Leo Martinez
Holly Temperino
Brawlio Elias
Alicia Dyche

Spieker Pool Crew, U.C. Berkeley
Jenny Simon O’Neill, Olympics Associate Director 
Jeremy Mendiola, Pool Engineer / Manager

Taishoff Aqautic Center, Duke University
Beau Bunn, Technical Director 
Steve McCune, Pool Director


SwimSim Team
Hao Li, Artistic Director
Yoojin Jang, Fluid Sim
Jacky Choi, Fluid Sim

XinXin Zhang, Fluid Sim

Mike Fortais, Tech Artist


Dolphin Motion and Model

Mixamo Inc, San Francisco



Michael Naimark, under/over consultant
Dan Rosenfeld, PVC tripod consultant
Norma Lehto, Underwater Marker Design
Charles Hendee, PVC consultant

Sally Rosenthal
Peggy Hackney


CS Division, U.C. Berkeley

Barbara Goto

Visual Computing Lab